What is my punk self - Novembre

émission du 23/11/2022 nombre de lectures : 67 lectures

The Weirdos "We got the neutron bomb"

Color TV "Meat wagon"

Brass Against "Know your enemy"

C.Aarmé "Tu puta mi casa"

Mitraille "The lows"

Dub Pistols "Gangsters"

Moral Panic "Lurk"

Duell "Eat shit die"

Gridiron "No good at goodbyes"

Trotski Nautique "Gros kick"

Sedatives "Guilty"

The Brains "Take what I want"

'68 "Bad bite"

Meryl Streek "Yesterday"

Product Of Waste "You're siding with the enemy"

Giver "Order from above"

Special Interest "Cherry blue intention"

MSPaint "Acid"

Le Prince Harry "Chat bot"

Nightwatchers "For the sake of the people and the nation"

Stick To Your Guns "Hush"

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