What is my Punk self - Mai

émission du 18/05/2022 nombre de lectures : 51 lectures

Oberkampf "Poupée de cire"

Adhesive "Uphill struggle"

New Bomb Turks "Professional againster"

The Drowns "Them rats"

New Vogue "Safe on the autobahn"

Koffin Kats "The way of the road"

Shame "Wasted time"

Nomeansno "It's catching up"

Snapcase "Dress rehearsal"

Prince Fatty "Black rabbit"

The Bomboras "Party at gregg's"

Jessica93 "Mental institution"

Straw Man Army "State of the art"

Moral Panic "Edged"

Meat Wave "Tomosaki"

Dadar "I'm a toch"

New Mexican Disaster Squad "Tightrope"

Petrol Girls "Fight for our lives"

Bombardement "Immondice"

Sick Of It All "DNC"

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