The Shapes “Blast Off”

Bad Nerves “Antidote”

Dick Voodoo “Red Cheek”

Cucamaras “Death Of The Social”

Lila Ehjä “Ghost Love”

Metz “Entwined”

Polevaulter “Trend”

Idles “Gift Horse”

Wine Lips “Derailer”

Zeropolis “The Nobodies”

Pissed Jeans “Anti-Sapio”

Desperate Living “Commit To”

Hammok “Seance”

Berthold City “Still Holding On”

Grand Mantis “This That”

Juicy’s “Idiot”

Badass Mother Fuzzers “Gonna Get You”

La Menace “Don’t Box Me In”

Enloc “Saint Aff Rock City”