Generation X “Your Generation”

Sweet Reaper “Pleasure”

Class Tourists “Your Grandad Fought The Nazis…”

Enemic Interior “Pilars de la decadència”

Flesh Creep “False Flag”

Bob Vylan “GYAG” (Get Yourself A Gun)

Folly Group “Strange Neighbour”

Frustration “Catching Your Eye”

Maquina “Denial”

Golden Deathmask “Trap Door”

Golden Deathmask “Double Digits”

Mannequin Pussy “I Got Heaven”

Marbled Eye “In The Static”

Mclusky “Unpopular Parts Of A Pig”

JJ & The A’s “Eyeballer”

Nø Man “Monument To Pleasure”

Sham Family “Modern Myth”

Shelf Lives “Kids”

Shrinkwarp Killers “Darwin Daycare”

Spaced “Landslide”

The Hope Conspiracy “Those Who Gave Us Yesterday”