The Boys “I Don’t Care”

The Manikins “In My Head”

Imploders “Beatin’ On The Brain”

Busted Head Racket & Billiam “Bauble Break”

Drunk Mums “Chitty Chitty”

Moron’s Morons “Psychosis Diagnosis”

The Bad Electric “Moff Kant”

Osees “A Foul Form”

Skinhead “Dead Skinhead”

Transplants “Baggy Trousers” (Madness cover)

Rum Lad “White Noise”

Bloody Head “There Is No Authority But Yourself… And Everyone Else”

Gumm “Slogan Machine”

Pitch Black “Destructive Criticism”

Restraining Order “Addicted”

Career Suicide “Cut And Run”

Tang “Run & Run & Die”

The Letters Organize “I Want I Want”

Stress Positions “Hand To Mouth”

Et On Tuera Tous Les Affreux “Tu Veux Du Sale, Tiens En Voilà”

Babylon Pression “J’arrive Quand J’arrive”