Neon Hearts “Regulations”

Dead Poineers “We were punk first”

Beast Jesus “Scoliosis backbrace”

Gut Health “The recipe”

Open City “Return your stolen property is theft”

Paint It Black “Famine”

Choncy “Default”

Zone Infinie “T.K.O”

Bait “Inevitable war”

Dank Goblins “Of the cloth”

High Vis “Choose to lose”

Idles “Dancer”

Landowner “Swimmer of note”

Tube Alloys “Computer love again”

Nurse “I live in fear”

Teen Mortgage “Oligarchy”

Thebandknives “Figurehead catacombs”

Sick Thoughts “S/T”

Institute “City”

New Vogue “Waiting days”

Grave Secrets “Fuck shit up”