Metal Urbain “Panik”

Girls In Synthesis “I Know No Other Way”

Gurriers “Nausea”

Ultra Lover “Story Mod”

Vipères Sucrées Salées “Tovsk”

Tout Debord “Rester là”

VR Sex “Real Doll Time”

Corker “Distant Dawn”

The Atom Age “Hot Shame”

A Tribe Called Red “Electric Pow Wow Drum”

Fucked Up X The Halluci Nation “John Wayne Was a Nazi” (MDC cover)

Chalk “The Gate”

Phantom Bay “Airtight”

Cosmic Joke “Empty Nesting Doll”

The Lungs “FBLA III”

Clobber “Hardcore Hive Mind”

Dog Rotten “Snakes”

Péniche “CPDACDM”

Gouge Away “Stuck In A Dream”

Conservative Military Image “I’m Not Your Skinhead”

Les Wampas “Voyou”